Kirsten Manzi

Kirsten Manzi is one of the six New Designers selected to exhibit with us at the Barbican this winter. Here she is interviewed by DJG member Petra Bishai.

Kirsten Manzi 1

P.B. Your work has clear narrative what stories inspire your designs?

K.M. Mainly stories I’ve collected while travelling. After spending time working and studying in America I built up a scrapbook of photographs, tickets, postcards and letters. Small reminders of time spent, usually left forgotten on a shelf and rarely looked at.  My designs expresses a personal narrative of these stories. of my own travels and memories.

Kirsten Manzi 3

P.B. How do feel about working to commission and producing work that tells another person’s story?

K.M. I am more than happy to offer customers a commission service where they can work with me to turn their own memories and experiences into a unique piece of jewellery inspired by the people, places and moments they treasure.

Kirsten Manzi 4

P.B. What mementoes are you currently working with?

K.M. I’m actually not long home from an inter-rail trip around Europe. So I’m working with a collection of photographs, tickets, sketches and memories from this trip.  I’m also in talks with a photographer friend (Declan Franklin) about a potential collaboration focusing on the architecture in my home city Dundee.

Kirsten Manzi 5

P.B. You draw upon architecture in your work, what buildings particularly inspire you?

K.M. With architecture it’s not so much any particular building, I enjoy the patterns, shapes and structures. I love the geometry of architecture.

Kirsten Manzi 2

P.B. Where and what is the Criterion?

K.M. The Commodore Criterion Building is an empty building in New York which used to hold the offices of various toy firms and is famous for having a permanent Christmas display in the windows. It’s located in New York City where Broadway and Fifth Avenue split.

Kirsten Manzi 6

You can see and buy Kirsten’s work from the Designer Jewellers Group stand in the Barbican, London, until 1st January 2014.

Kirsten Manzi 7 

MADE London

Just a speedy little post with a few of our snaps from MADE London. We’re all REALLY busy now with just a few days until we set up for our Winter show in the Barbican, but it seems a shame not to share these!

DJG stand

The image above shows our main Designer Jewellers Group stand in the Crypt. There were twelve regular DJG members exhibiting here, with a shelf each, all taking it in turns to be on duty.


We’d been warned about needing good lighting, and our glowing cabinets certainly did the job and looked stunning, but it did get a bit hot! Whoever said heat rises hadn’t been in our arch! 

Henrietta Made London13

Several more of our members had stands upstairs: this is Henrietta Fernandez at her stand.

Jane Moore at her stand

Jane Moore was lucky to have a lovely spot by a window!

Li Chu

Li-Chu Wu also had an arch: her’s was on the mezzanine floor.

Petra Bishai's work

Petra Bishai was exhibiting with the Dialogue Collective, who had an artful display set made of old doors (which looked great)!

Victoria Walker at her stand

It was also good to see two of our previous guest New Designers: Victoria Walker (who exhibited with us in the Barbican in Winter 2010) …

Ruth Laird at her stand

… and Ruth Laird, one of our New Designers last year.


It was a beautiful venue: we all had a great time, and met lots of new people as well as some of our regular customers. In addition making sales, we also handed out lots of fliers for our show at the Barbican, so we’re looking forward to a busy show this year!

DJG at Made London, The Design and Craft Fair- This coming week!


We are proud to say we are part of this fantastic show, held last year for the first time to great acclaim- a show who’s reputation grows, and promises to only get better. Made London showcases the very best and most original makers, exhibiting the highest quality in contemporary craft and design. It opens it’s doors again this coming week, from Thursday evening…

We will be showing together as a sub- group of twelve members in the beautiful venue that is the Sir John Soanes Church, downstairs in the very atmospheric Crypt.

Our group consists of: An Alleweireldt, Annie Ruthven-Taggart, Catherine Hills, Christina Hirst, Christine Kaltoft, Emma Farquaharson, Shelby Fitzpatrick, Harriet St Leger, Misun Won, Tom Mc Dowell, Ute Sanne, and Sarah Macrae.

Also showing independently of the group elsewhere in the building, are members, Jane Moore, Petra Bishai and Li-Chu Wu, and Associate member Henrietta Fernandez.

241 ticket offers are still available through the Made London website:


Catherine Hendy

Continuing our series of posts on our six new designers for 2012: Catherine Hendy, by DJG member Petra Bishai.
Catherine Hendy 082
I love the subtlety of Catherine’s Hendy’s work.  Her line and form rings are simple yet playful, combining and contrasting precious metals in a clever way.  I can imagine wearing a few of them together and delighting in their both their collectiveness as well as their differences.
Catherine Hendy 083
When I spotted Catherine’s work at One Year On I was drawn to both her work and understated display.  Catherine’s interest in contemporary architecture and repetition clearly comes through creating pieces such as her stylish and gyroscopic-like bracelets.
Catherine Hendy 084
Her pieces are beautifully made and she seems to delight in making jewellery that is precise and finished to a high standard.  And then there’s the hidden element to her jewellery… only when I picked up Catherine’s arched brooch did I realise the kinetic and tactile quality of the work.

Catherine Hendy 085

Catherine has already picked up 2 awards for her work from the Goldsmiths’ Company and the British Jewellers’ Association and her work at The Barbican is drawing attention and sales.
Catherine Hendy 081
Catherine’s work will be on show and for sale in the Barbican, London, until 1st January 2013.