Designer Jewellers Group Summer Show at the Barbican


Our summer show starts next week! Lots of gorgeous jewellery from 23 of our makers.Do drop by!

We open at midday and close at 8pm…

(work featured on flier above by Emma Farquarson and Henrietta Fernandez)

MADE London

Just a speedy little post with a few of our snaps from MADE London. We’re all REALLY busy now with just a few days until we set up for our Winter show in the Barbican, but it seems a shame not to share these!

DJG stand

The image above shows our main Designer Jewellers Group stand in the Crypt. There were twelve regular DJG members exhibiting here, with a shelf each, all taking it in turns to be on duty.


We’d been warned about needing good lighting, and our glowing cabinets certainly did the job and looked stunning, but it did get a bit hot! Whoever said heat rises hadn’t been in our arch! 

Henrietta Made London13

Several more of our members had stands upstairs: this is Henrietta Fernandez at her stand.

Jane Moore at her stand

Jane Moore was lucky to have a lovely spot by a window!

Li Chu

Li-Chu Wu also had an arch: her’s was on the mezzanine floor.

Petra Bishai's work

Petra Bishai was exhibiting with the Dialogue Collective, who had an artful display set made of old doors (which looked great)!

Victoria Walker at her stand

It was also good to see two of our previous guest New Designers: Victoria Walker (who exhibited with us in the Barbican in Winter 2010) …

Ruth Laird at her stand

… and Ruth Laird, one of our New Designers last year.


It was a beautiful venue: we all had a great time, and met lots of new people as well as some of our regular customers. In addition making sales, we also handed out lots of fliers for our show at the Barbican, so we’re looking forward to a busy show this year!

Vote for Ulli!

DJG member Ulli Kaiser has been selected for the vote to become Surrey Artist of the Year! The New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham offers 11 artists the chance to exhibit and be voted Surrey Artist of the Year. You can vote for Ulli by visiting the gallery or emailing them.

Ulli also participates in the Surrey Artists Open Studios (SAOS) events. These take place in early summer and the run up to Christmas, over 150 Artists open their studios to the public for 3-4 weeks. Painters, Bookbinders, Ceramicists, Woodworkers, Glass, Printing, Photography, Jewellers and many more offer their work.  Visit Ulli’s website where you can see more of her work