Schmuck 2016

DJG-Post-MemberNews-Petra Bishai

Our member, Petra, is having a group show coming in Munich.

royal schmuck front purple copy

By Royal Appointment

Dialogue Collective requests the pleasure of your company in the unveiling of our latest exhibition of jewellery for the Queen. You are cordially invited to step into the royal wardrobe and pay homage to the Queen’s favourite jewellery in Her Majesty’s boudoir. Select a crown of your choice and get dressed to impress!

London based Dialogue Collective presents a very royal installation showcasing jewellery inspired by the Tower of London’s Crown Jewels.

Dates :Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 February 2016

PV : Thursday 25 17.00 – 20.00

Opening times :Friday – Sunday 12.00 – 19.00

Address: 62 Schleißheimer Straße 80333 München

Hosted by 84Ghz

#dialoguecollective #royalschmuck



Petra Bishai

Isabelle Busnel

Velvet Hart

Victoria King

Maarit Liukkonen

Darja Nikitina

Natsuki Sawai

Rachel Terry

Maud Traon

Sorcha Wharf

Anet Wrobel

For more information, please visit Petra’s website: Petra Bisha


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