New Designers 2014

Once again a small band of intrepid DJG jewellers have ventured forth into the fantastic New Designers show to select six of the very best new makers. As usual we surveyed the wondrous display of jewellery singly and incognito, gathering postcards from those whose talent shone most strongly as we went. Meeting up to compare our collections of cards and play a very democratic game of ‘snap’, led to us choosing a fantastic spread of jewellery made from a great range of different materials: rubber, textiles, porcelain, enamel, wood, and precious metals.

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Accompanied by two staff from the Barbican we returned to the floor to issue invites: always a lovely thing to do as the chosen exhibitors are always so delighted! So, now that all the questions have been asked and answered, and the acceptance forms returned, I can reveal to you just who our chosen six are. Many congratulations to:

Sheila Roussel, who works with silver, silk, cotton, perspex and pearls, to create contemporary jewellery with a vintage vibe;

Jelka Quintelier, who works with rubber, laser cutting it into fantastic, dramatic pieces;

Harriet Rose Knight, whose intricately cut layers of birch wood are riveted with silver and gold;

Esme Parsons, with colourful and lively enamelled jewellery;

Mireia Rossell, who makes the most incredible flexible rings, bangles and pendants in silver and gold; and

Mirka Janeckova, whose beautiful and etherial jewellery is made from porcelain and silver.

Anyway, more about them, their inspiration and the techniques they use in due course. Right now we wish our rising stars a happy summer and autumn of building up their collections, and we look forward to showing – and selling – this wonderful new work to our Barbican customers in November and December.

This blog post was written by Christine Kaltoft, who co-ordinates our work with New Designers.

Many thanks to Catherine Hendy for photos of the New Designers and their jewellery!

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