Kelly Munro: One Year On

At the New Designers show in 2013 we selected Kelly Munro as one of our six Designer Jewellers Group new designers. Now, as the anniversary of the show approaches, and Kelly updates us on her first year in business and her preparations for appearing in ‘One Year On’: a special section of the New Designers show.

Since graduating last year from Edinburgh College of Art the past year has been a bit of a whirlwind. New Designers last year really kick-started my career as a jeweller and I am thrilled to be accepted back to exhibit at ‘One Year On’.

I have been making ‘to do’ lists since I first found out I was accepted to exhibit and It is still going strong. In the run up to the show I have been creating new statement pieces as well as working on some brand new designs that don’t fit into the jewellery category at all.  I have something very new to bring to the table this year after having ideas before Christmas. I designed five pots and commissioned a local wood turner near my hometown up north to create these. Since then I have painted, burned, branded and pierced large net-like lids. I am very excited to reveal these at One Year On and hope they are well received.

I would say my work has evolved a lot in the past year – especially since I have introduced my new silver collection – but the same principle of burned wood combined with colour and saw piercing still stands. I still thrive to create bold statement jewellery that is also very easily worn. My silver collection is now available to purchase through my website and has gotten off to a great start so far.

It is about 2 weeks until the show and I have just started thinking about my display and what I still need for my stand. So far I have decided that less is more. I am planning to pin all my statement pieces along the back wall with a while background to keep it all simple. I have started building plinths to show off my smaller works, and at the same time trying to remember I have to fit everything into a metre.

Next week I have a photo shoot planned with the lovely Kevin Sinclair and my beautiful friend that I always rope into being my model – Hannah Minnock. I was really pleased with how my photos turned out last year and were used in so many magazines and online blogs, one was even printed A1 and displayed at SOFA Chicago which was fantastic. I am crossing my fingers that the weather says dry and our shots are as successful this year.

Kelly Munro

All in all I am so excited to exhibit again but very nervous, I just hope I can keep up with all the other fantastic makers at One Year On. The group this year are exceptional, and I am looking forward to meeting all the exhibitors I haven’t yet met.

We wish Kelly a fantastic show, and can’t wait to see her new work!
New Designers is on at the Business Design Centre in Islington from 25th June 2014.


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