Maker of the Month: Kerry Richardson

Our maker of the month for June is Kerry Richardson, who’s work is inspired by observing the African landscapes where she grew up. Here she is interviewed by her husband Andre Goodison.

Andre: How have your recent African Bush Adventures influenced your recent latest work, based on the long term influence Africa has had on your work?

Kerry: The visual stimulation of Africa is always inspiring to me. A sunset, a tree, a found object, or even a building, triggers ideas. These trips highlight the simplicity of living and life. Bush-life has affected me deeply, and my soul longs for this simplicity.


Kerry Richardson 3

Andre: What impact has this had on your latest work?

Kerry: I have found recently that life is over complicated with possessions and technology. I have wanted to simplify my work to a simple shape, a stroke, a pale shadow or decoration.

Andre: What happened to the rich use of colour in your Keramika range?

Kerry: I still use precious metal lustres, but now they enhance the simplicity of my work, a pool of gold sunshine, or a sliver of silver light between shadows.

Andre: What made you decide to create multi-function pieces recently?

Kerry: I have always created versatile jewellery. The latest pieces are reversible and can be bought individually or placed together on a necklace, or on a chain of your own. I have also strung them onto long necklaces that can be worn shorter by doubling them over.

Andre: Where to next for your jewellery?

Kerry: I would like to create more freehand shapes in porcelain. I would like to further explore carved or pierced decoration, as well as the raised graphic drawing with clay and slips.

Andre: What is the bigger picture around your jewellery for the future?

Kerry: I am working on My Wearable Art in a 2-d picture format. This involves much larger work made up of multiple components, found objects, and other artworks, to create precious collages.

To view more of Kerry’s work visit her e-commerce website. Appointments are available and she will be hosting two open studio events at her workshop from the 28th-29th June and the 5th-6th July.

Post uploaded by Associate member Catherine Hendy.

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