Petra Bishai and the Dialogue Collective at Schmuck 2014

One of members, Petra Bishai will be showcasing her work with the Dialogue Collective at Schmuck in Munich, Germany from 13th-16th March. The Dialogue Collective are  a London based group of artists with a background in jewellery and silversmithing. All members have a connection to London Metropolitan University aka The Cass.


The collective welcomes you to ‘Dialogue in Hell’.

‘It’s 1888. Whitechapel in London’s east end is gripped by the horrific aftermath of Jack the Ripper’s murderous campaign. Fast forward to the present. Standing outside The Cass, their spiritual home, in the pouring rain on a dark, dank and cold night, less than a hundred metres from one of the Ripper’s alleged victims, Dialogue Collective start their journey into ‘The Dark Side’. A journey that takes them into silvermithing and jewellery workshops via late night discussions in pubs. A journey that ends in Munich, at Galerie Hell.’

We wish all there members a successful exhibition!


Petra Bishai

ImageDarja Nikitina


Timothy Information Limited

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