Kelly Munro

Kelly Munro has been selected to exhibit with us for our annual Winter show in the Barbican. DJG member Ute Sanne reviews Kelly’s jewellery.

Kelly Munro 7

Kelly Munro has recently set up her studio in Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile, after graduating from Edinburgh College of Art earlier this year.

Her northern Scottish heritage is undeniable: her jewellery has retained a rustic look inspired by tangled fishing nets, peeling paint, and weather beaten artefacts found on the shore line.

Looking at her work though it is hard to guess, at first glance, that the starting point of her current collection might have been a mangled lobster pot!

Kelly Munro 10

Kelly has moved way beyond any literal interpretation of these fishing objects: there is nothing heavy about her jewellery. The scorched and coloured driftwood supported by saw pierced silver gives it lightness whilst retaining volume and strength. Her rings seem to float upon the finger.

Kelly Munro 8

Amidst the muted colours of wood and oxidized silver there is a sudden burst of bright orange and turquoise green, a hint at the use of modern plastics within the traditional fishing industry: the brightness of floating buoys and ropes.

Kelly Munro 11

Kelly told me about her future plans: a move towards larger wood turned vessels with pierced tops and a possible collaboration with a furnisher designer! I can really see her move in that direction.

Kelly Munro 9

Best of luck Kelly!

Kelly’s jewellery is on display and for sale at the Designer Jewellers Group stand in the Barbican until 1st January 2014.

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