Catherine Hendy

Continuing our series of posts on our six new designers for 2012: Catherine Hendy, by DJG member Petra Bishai.
Catherine Hendy 082
I love the subtlety of Catherine’s Hendy’s work.  Her line and form rings are simple yet playful, combining and contrasting precious metals in a clever way.  I can imagine wearing a few of them together and delighting in their both their collectiveness as well as their differences.
Catherine Hendy 083
When I spotted Catherine’s work at One Year On I was drawn to both her work and understated display.  Catherine’s interest in contemporary architecture and repetition clearly comes through creating pieces such as her stylish and gyroscopic-like bracelets.
Catherine Hendy 084
Her pieces are beautifully made and she seems to delight in making jewellery that is precise and finished to a high standard.  And then there’s the hidden element to her jewellery… only when I picked up Catherine’s arched brooch did I realise the kinetic and tactile quality of the work.

Catherine Hendy 085

Catherine has already picked up 2 awards for her work from the Goldsmiths’ Company and the British Jewellers’ Association and her work at The Barbican is drawing attention and sales.
Catherine Hendy 081
Catherine’s work will be on show and for sale in the Barbican, London, until 1st January 2013.

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