Ruth Laird

Our first proper post on this new blog is written by DJG member Tom McDowell, who’s been mentoring Ruth Laird, one of our new designers for 2012

I was immediately drawn to Ruth’s work at One Year On by her fantastic use of bold shapes and colours. Upon further inspection I was impressed with the quality of workmanship on her pieces. I found many of them moved in interesting ways, inviting the wearer to interact with them and arrange them to their liking.


Ruth’s inspiration comes primarily from Maths and Physics. She explores geometric shapes found from a variety of sources ranging from buildings and graffiti to Kandinsky paintings. She contrasts the structured order of lines with a rebellious use of spray paint and excitement of movement creating the juxtaposition between creativity and mathematical rules

Her recent exhibitions include the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester and Joya in Barcelona. Her work is currently showcased at the Barbican as one of our 6 new graduates who are exhibiting alongside the Designer Jewellers Group.

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